Virus Removal & Prevention

We offer remote and in-person support sessions to have your business’s computers clean of viruses.

As a preventative measure, we also make sure your computers’ operating systems are up to date and perform other optimizations to try and prevent viruses in the future.

We care about our clients, thats why we always go that extra mile!

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Why Virus Removal is So Important

  • Helps to prevents hacks
  • Helps to keep your data safer
  • Increases productivity compared to a slow, virus-infested computer
  • Helps maintain excellent employee morale & productivity
  • Computers operate more optimally
  • Computers last longer
  • Remote Virus Removal & Prevention
  • In-Person Virus Removal & Prevention
Dane was wonderful to work with. He listened and offered several great ideas of how to make the website much more powerful and effective. He added some cool bells and whistles I had never thought of like blogs that automatically link to social media and other things that drove traffic and increased my online presence. I get great customer feedback on my new website all the time and it has increased my professional reputation many times over. All this for a cost that was less than the original starter website. Dane has been great to help with occasional follow up questions or minor issues that arise from time to time. I would highly recommend Dane to anyone needing help with online presence. He is excellent and very easy to work with.

Scott Abels

Scott Abels, CPA Austin, Texas
Had the opportunity to get some assistance from Dane Systems! Problem Solving, Updating & Great Follow Up. Thanks Dane for going the extra mile to make sure my Company was still flowing smooth.

Starfield Productions

Francois Larosa -CEO Starfield Productions