A CRM is an essential tool for all businesses in 2021. More than a customer facing tool, it proves a platform for your business to grow.  A CRM makes your business better because it organizes and optimizes your business processes. There are many options out there, even free ones! Contact us today to speak with a CRM professional on how a CRM could benefit your business. 

 If you’re still unsure if you really need a CRM, here are six reasons why you need to use a CRM today: 

Leverage Your Existing Systems

Many CRMs can integrate with your existing systems.  Get more value out of your existing systems by allowing them to “talk” your CRM and centralize the data they all provide.

Optimize Your Existing Business Practices

Automating processes within a CRM is a powerful platform to begin to optimize your existing business practices. With increased uniformity within the organization and CRM automation, you can make operational changes for the better. Become more lean and efficient with a CRM! 

A Powerful Marketing Machine

A CRM can be a powerful marketing tool, especially when integrated with other complimentary systems. Centralizing your prospects and customers coupled with automating marketing activities not only saves you money but also can lead to increased sales.

Streamline Your Operations

Fully utilizing a well implemented CRM creates more uniformity throughout the company; business practices are digitized and followed more consistently. CRMs create and maintain controls in how users interact with the system. For example, using standardized fields when a user inputs data.  

A CRM provides a platform with which to reinforce best practices and increase transparency within the organization.

Really Know What’s Going On

Finally, really know what’s going on with your business with CRM analytics tools. They provide a comprehensive view of your business while being easy to read and interpret. Start making decisions with true intelligence!

Make Your Customers Happier (And You Too!)

A CRM enhances the customer experience and encourages accurate customer support resolutions. By keeping detailed and organized customer records in your CRM, you can easily find the right information at the right time. Improve your customer satisfaction by implementing a CRM.

Ok, Let’s Get Started

Now that you’ve discovered seven ways that a CRM can benefit your business, get started today looking at various options. Click here for a great article that lists top small business CRMs.

Choosing and implementing a CRM, no matter how big your business is, is an important step that Dane Systems is here to help with. From consulting to support, we have you covered on CRMs.