Now is the time to improve your small business technology! In order to survive, small businesses have been forced digitize their operations. Dane Systems is here to help!

Centralize and Digitize

One of the biggest improvements is to implement centralized data storage. Centralized data storage is critical for allowing businesses to be more flexible and adaptable. Instead of relying on paper copies, all documents are “in the cloud”. Only employees with access can see the documents. On top of that they can work anywhere with an internet connection!

An Example

It is very important small businesses incorporate some sort of cloud-based storage. For example. a business relies on Tom to deliver a contract to Suzy for processing is suddenly inhibited from operating in the same manner. Limiting the face-to-face interaction of Suzy and Tom is not only an inconvenience but negatively impacts the business’s bottom line. If the contract, is transmitted to the customer for approval and signature and then back to Suzy, this is a huge advantage in being Pandemic Ready.

Start Now

One of the easiest ways to become more Pandemic Ready is to implement a cloud platform like Google Drive or Dropbox. These platforms not only allow for the storage of files but they also powerful sharing features. Cloud storage is essential in facilitating effective and secure communication between team members. Also, with proper implementation, platforms like these can help to reduce “data silos” whereas employees save company files directly to their computers, barring others who should have access. Additionally, if the computer is destroyed, stolen, or damaged, those critical company files could be gone forever. Cloud storage is less risky compared to local storage.

We also like Google Drive. Like Dropbox, it has powerful sharing and permissions features and also can sync with any user’s computer. Google Drive also integrates with Gmail as well as manage all of your users with Google G Suite. All with one login!

We Can Help

Whether a simple Dropbox folder structure with permissions or a fully automated CRM, we at Dane Systems are happy to speak with you on what combination of services would best suit your business needs. Undoubtedly, now is the time to learn new lessons and adopt a more digital way of doing business to be more Pandemic Ready. Talk with us today on how we can improve your business!